Set of 8 Oral-B or Philips Toothbrush Replacement Heads

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DESIGN: Oral B Dual Clean
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  • Suitable for various Oral-B / Philips electric toothbrushes
  • Cup-shaped brush head design, completely wrapped and thoroughly clean teeth
  • Soft bristles are gentle on teeth and gums
  • Keeps teeth healthy and sparkling white
  • Suitable for daily use with ease

Available in:
Set OF 4
-Dual Clean Oral B
Set Of 8
- EB18,EB30, or S32
- HX6013


Brush head models and functions:
- EB20: Cup-shaped brush head design wraps around teeth and is suitable for daily use
- EB18: Used for advanced cleaning and whitening of surface stains
- EB30: Thoroughly cleans teeth with the TriZone technology
- S32: Suitable for Oral B Pulsonic s26, S26.523.3, and S32
•EB20 and EB30 brush heads are suitable for Oral-B OC20, Oral-B Prof.Care 500, Oral-B Prof.Care 1000, Oral-B
Prof.Care 3000, Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean D12PC, Oral-B Prof.Care 5000 Triumph, and Oral-B Vitality White D12W brushes

Product Type: Toothbrush

Product Material : ABS


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