Multipurpose Cooker (Red)

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This countertop grill is designed to make home cooking quick, easy, efficient, and delicious.
Thanks to dual heating elements that warm food from the top and the bottom, the cooker cuts typical cook times in half.
Due to its compact size, the cooker conserves space and saves up to 70% of the energy required to heat up a conventional oven.
Capable of frying, baking, steaming, and grilling.

The versatile cooker features a round oven with nonstick surfaces and comes with two removable, non-stick food pans that allow you to isolate individual foods.
The cooker features an indicator light for warm up, a built-in timer, and a floating hinge designed to allow breads and other baked goods to rise.
The set includes a dual-sided spatula, a mini food pan and a divided pan.
Whether you want to cook a full meal, bake, or just warm up leftovers, the Express Redi-Set-Go Cooker provides a fast and convenient tool that rivals the microwave for speed.


  • Non-stick surface means no extra fat from oils
  • Removable pans make cleanup a breeze
  • Dual Cooking Technology heats food from the top and bottom to cut cooking time in half
  • Makes Hundreds of Delicious Meals many in 7 minutes or less
  • Save energy and money by cooking on your countertop and avoiding the conventional oven

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    1pc x Multipurpose Cooker (Red)

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