Multifunction Soy Milk Maker Automatic Machine

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Description :

This is a fully automatic home kitchen appliance can be used to make soymilk and also others eg. Five grains milk, Full bean milk, and Mung bean milk. It also can be used to make rice paste, corn juice and grains paste. It is computer controlled, and will automatically pre-heat, grind, and cook. Just push a button, the fresh, creamy soymilk is ready to enjoy within 30 minutes!

Features :
- Base heating, double layer cup- Capacity : 1500ml / for 2-4 people
- Functions : Five grain soymilk, dry bean milk, soaked bean milk, fruit/vegetable juices, rice paste and soup
- Voltage : 230V
- Motor power : 200W
- Heating Power : 750W
- Revolving speed : 15000-12500 rev/min

Product Dimension : 24.0 X 18.0 X 34.0
Product Weight : 2kg
Product Includes :

1pcs x Multifunction Soy Milk Maker Automatic Machine

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