Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser (White)

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Frustrated with the spills on your kitchen from the heavy bulky water bottle? Now you don’t have to lift up the bottle and you can easily quench your thirst single handedly with the Magic MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser. The Magic MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser allows you to pour your favourite beverages quickly and easily without making a mess! Your little ones might have difficulty lifting heavy drink containers and as much as they wanted to avoid it, it is very hard for them to pour without spilling. With MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser, the kids can pour their own juice and even milk in their cereal without spilling!

Only 1,2 ,3 Steps !

Installing Magic Tap is as easy as 1-2-3. The universal  MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser fits almost any container. In just seconds, all you have to do is just insert the Super Straw in your containers and adjust the silicone wings over the opening and it's ready for use. When the MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser is ready to use just simply push the trigger to release the beverage. Once you release the trigger it will stop releasing any liquid. Kids love MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser and so does mom!

Great For All Events !

Unlike conventional water dispenser, the MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser comes with a flexible universal cap that fits with most containers. So, you can have one MAGIC Automatic Drink Dispenser for all your different sizes of bottle container. It operates with a powerful battery operated motor that provides you with fast and smooth flow of water output. It is also portable and ideal for outdoor usage such as during parties where everyone can easily help themselves refilling their drinks without any spillage.


  • Universal Cap Fits Most Containers
  • Prevents Drips And Spills
  • Can Be Used With Hot Or Cold Beverages
  • Battery Operated
  • Suitable For Kids And Senior Citizens Who Shouldn't Be Lifting Heavy Bottles
  • Simply Press Your Glass Against The Dispenser.
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    1pc x Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser (White)

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