Kyoryo Cooling Gel Pad

Size: 30*40cm
Sale priceRM59.00 MYR


Description :
  • 100% breathable and soft cotton surface; non-toxic soft but firm silica gel inside
  • Unlimited use
  • Gel surface absorbs body heat up to 81.6kJ energy
  • Effectively absorbs heat from body and dissipates into surroundings
  • Safe to use without any chemical reactions
  • Does not require freezing or chilling
  • Environmental-friendly and easy to clean
  • Can be used for beds, car seats, sofas, and more
Product Dimension : 30*40cm / 60*90cm
Product Material :
  • Outer: 100% soft cotton
  • Inner: Soft yet firm non-toxic silica gel

  • Product Weight : 1kg
    Product Includes : 
    1pc x Kyoryo Cooling Gel Pad

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