Intellectual DIY Eco-Dimensional Planting Puzzle

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Description :
Jigsaw imposition 4, plastics, container planting a nutrient soil bag, a bag of clover seed, Parents letter!

Planting steps:

1. Fill 80% of the nutrition soil into the box and leveling. 
2. Sow the seeds evenly on the surface of the medium, and finally through with a small washout 
3. Nutritive soil permeability is better, watering 1-2 times a day initially to keep moist 
4. Watering two days or so a day then began to germinate 
Use general cultivation methods to cultivate

This group of products to break the basic functions of assembling toys hands brains, and after the completion of product assembly, allow your child to witness the growth of the seeds in the construction of their own paradise! 


1. High-quality green sheet, ensure the hardness and colorful puzzle! 
2. Green plants healthy negative ions, high survival rate, germination fast, simple planting, Clover good moral blessing 
3. high atmospheric beautifully packaged 
4. hands-on brain, parent-child interaction and entertainment, green and healthy

Product Dimension :
Sweet home assembly size 26 * 30 * 13.5 cm
Love the garden assembled size 27.5 * 19.5 * 14.5cm
Love hut assembled size 26 * 17 * 16cm
Rainbow Garden Cottage Assembled size 26 * 20 * 13.5cm
Stone Oasis assembled in size 24 * 23 * 19cm
Happy Farm Assembled size 25 * 19 * 13.5cm
Assembling windmill farm size 25 * 19 * 16cm
Bucolic Assembled size 25 * 18 * 11cm

Product Weight : 1.1kg
Product Material : -
Product Includes : 
1pc x Intellectual DIY Eco-dimensional Planting Puzzle

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