idrop Zapper Light Bulb Mosquito & Insect Killer

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Description :

This Zapper Light Bulb is a trap that will allow you to stay on the terrace even in the evening without the bother of insects. Modern and elegant solution. The trap uses light to attract insects and electrically charged grids to hit it with power. LED light bulb first lures and then zaps unwanted, potentially harmful insects. The blue UV light is irresistible to bugs and delivers maximum attraction


  • Protects against unpleasant insects
  • Does not contain toxic substances
  • low power consumption energy
  • Socket E27

SKU Code :  5080500700009

Type : LED Bulb + Insect Zapper

Dimension : 7.8cm(Diameter) x 16cm(H)

NOTE : Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Packaging Weight : 700 gram

Volume Metric Weight : 300 gram

WARRANTY : Warranty period is within 14 days after received the item

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