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Description :

THE CRITTER PEST is an insect bug pest catcher suitable for catching these creepy crawleys inside or outside your home or anywhere. To those afarid of catching them by hand, this is the tool for you and no longer needed to be scared of catching these cheeky pests.

Squeeze the handle to open the bristles, release to grasp the bug, and squeeze again to free it. The firm outer bristles help grip larger bugs (beetles, spiders, and even scorpions). Inside, the soft nylon bristles keep even smaller bugs safe.

With the long handle, you’ll enjoy a comfortable 25-inch distance from the critter. And that length also lends some leeway to grab insects in hard-to-reach spots.

  • Long Handle
  • Safe Distance from Bugs, Insects, Pest, Critters
  • Simple Mechanism

Material : Housing: plastic; Bristles: Nylon Fiber

Usage : Indoor & Outdoor

Suitable for :

  • Great for catching spiders, wasps, bees, crickets, cockroaches, beetles, grasshoppers, scorpions, and other types of insects

Mechanism Easy to use catch and release trigger

    Product Dimension : 65cm x 13.5cm x 6cm +/-

    SKU Code  -

    Product Weight : 170 gram

    Packaging Weight : 450 gram

    Volume Metric Weight : 2 kg

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