idrop Star Wellness Shower Filter healthy filtered water with Ceramic Balls and Calcium Sulfite

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  • StarWellness Anions Shower Filter is specially designed for water to pass through an anion swirling type
    deflector & uses Calcium Sulfite & Ceramic Balls
  • Highly effective chlorine reduction material to remove more than
    95% of the chlorine present in tap water
  • Break down water into smaller molecules & releases healthy ions
  • Clean even the deepest layer of our skin & helps to lock in moisture over long period of time

Net Weight: 550g

Package Weight: 800g


Country Origin: Taiwan

Package Size: 13.6cm X 8.7cm X 14.8cm

Service Life:

  • 20,000 litres (Depending on quality of water)
  • Approximately 12-18 months (Depending on usage volume)


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