idrop SEALANT FIX STRONG GLUE -Adhesive Polymer Sticky Metal Quick Fix [ 10pcs x 12 g ]

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Description :

The SEALANT FIX STRONG GLUE is an adhesive polymer sticky glue. After a day of applying properly, it should enter a strong phase where it could withstand heavy weight. No need to use nails to apply small wall furniture and decor onto, whereas this adhesive glue is capable of doing so.

  • Strong Glue
  • Strong State after 1 day of application

Installation : 

1) Clean Surface of Application area
2) Apply Sticky Glue on item
3) Stick Press item onto application area (Press for 5 minute)
4) Ready to use after 24 hours mature period


Material : Adhesive Polymer

Quantity : 10 pcs x 12g Tube

Suitable for Small Wall Furniture & Decor

Mechanism Easy to use catch and release trigger

    Product Dimension : 7.5cm(L) x 2.5cm(W) +/-

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    Packaging Weight : 350 gram

    Volume Metric Weight : 800 gram

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