idrop ROTO CHAMPION Multifunction Genius Slicer

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Description :

Cooking healthy for your loved one should never be a tiresome chore in the kitchen. Live a healthy lifestyle, like a breeze as it should be with Roto Champion Genius Slicer .

Addition that becomes an Addiction

Using the Roto Champion Genius Slicer , will most certainly grow on you, leaving you to question a life before owning one. A multi functional slicer, it lives up to its name indeed. Slice, grate, shred, chop, whip and juice your way to your favorite dish. Not just limited to fruits, the Roto Champion Genius Slicer can also be used for meat and vegetables. 

Many Dishes One Slicer

As the heading entails, the Roto Champion Genius Slicer is indeed such an item. Multi functional and user friendly, it will leave you in total awe. Name it, and the Roto Champion Genius Slicer will do the deed for you. Prepare your salad and stir fries, juice a healthy citrus for a healthy beverage on a hot day, crush those ices without numbing your fingers, make that tuna salad, whatever you wish to do, to your heart’s content. 
Cook healthy the easy way, with Roto Champion Genius Slicer . The perfect addition to your kitchen that will indeed become an addiction. 

  • White
  • 2.4L Capacity
  • Multifunctional
  • User Friendly

  • Product Dimension : 21x29x25
    Product Material : ABS+Metal
    Product Weight : 1kg
    Volume Metric Weight : 4.5kg
    Product Includes :
    1pc x Multi-function Cover
    1pc x Picnic Cover (with cling-function)
    1pc x Combo Cutlery (fork / spoon with cover)
    1pc x Cool Pack with Holder
    2pcs x Dressing Container with 1 Lid
    1pc x Transparent Bowl
    1pc x Purple Disc
    1pc x Red Washer
    1pc x Yellow Disc
    1pc x Dark Blue Disc
    1pc x Dark Green Disc
    1pc x Storage Box
    1pc x Savings Peeler

    SKU Code : 1050915000157

    WARRANTY : Warranty period is within 14 days after received the item

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