idrop Pro Contour Knives | 10 Piece kitchen set | Chop, Slice, Cut with ease

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Description :
idrop Pro Contour Knives is a 10 piece set of kitchen utensils that comes in just one purchase. Each piece has it's unique feature which ALL eases any types of cutting, slicing and chopping action regardless of Meat/Fruit/Vegetables or even also Hard/Soft textured material.

  • Silicone Grip
  • Easy Grip
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Sharp Blade
  • Hard Blade

Material: Silicone (Grip), Steel (Blade)

Package Includes:

All-purpose knife
Also known as the Chef’s knife, it’s usually 6 to 12 inches or 39cm long. This blade can be used for various tasks like slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing. When properly sharpened, it can even break down and bone large cuts of meat. The side of the blade can also crush garlic cloves, ginger, and lemongrass.

Chopping knife
From the name itself, this knife makes chopping easier with a curved blade.

Fillet and boning knife
This is a thinner, more flexible blade that is 6 to 11 inches or 32cm long, used for filleting and boning--or the act of separating the bone from the fish or meat. The narrow blade enables it to cleanly move along the backbone of the fish and evenly slices along the skin. The curve offers greater control when making precise cuts.

Paring knife
Usually a thin, 3 to 4-inch or 19cm blade, paring knives are used for intricate work. It is small enough to allow greater amount of control than a larger knife.

Cleaver or hacking and crushing knife
Cleavers vary in shape but is usually wider than other knives. It is mainly used as a butcher knife for hacking through bone. The knife's broad side can also be used for crushing ingredients.

Steak knife
From the name itself, this knife is used to cut main course meats like steak and chicken. The knife is only 4 to 6 inches or 25.5cm long and varies in thickness.

Food scissors or shears can also cut and trim meats, but are also for cutting herbs.

Packaging Weight: 1.5kg

Package Dimension: 39cm(L) X 5.5cm(W) X 11cm(H)

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