idrop Pranking Pet Pranksters Get Ready, Hide, and Surprise! Pop Up Anywhere

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idrop Pranking Pet Pranksters is a one of a kind toy that has a one and only purpose which is to surprise people, and pranking them. It has 3 modes of operation which is Button Mode, Timer Mode and Wire mode.

  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Small
  • Quick and Surprise

Modes : 

  • Button Mode : By a slide of the button, the mischievous prankster pet pops out
  • Timer : Wind and set the timer, the mischievous prankster pet pops out in due time
  • Wire : Control the mischievous prankster pet to pop out at will

Product Dimensions: 6.8cm(L) x 3cm(W) x 10cm/18cm(H)
Packaging Dimensions: 16.5cm(L) x 4cm(W) x 24cm 
Weight : 80g 
Shipping Weight : 350g 

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