idrop Men Healthy Physiological Underwear with Therapy Magnets for health care treatment (For Men) | In Various Size | 1 Pcs/ 3Pcs

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Color: Grey (1pc)
Size: L
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Description :
idrop Men Healthy Physiological Underwear is an underwear which is healthy in a way because it focuses on magnetic therapy with magnets located on the frontal part of the crotch area and the upper rear end of the underwear. Benefits involved are as follow:
  • promote blood circulation
  • increase virility
  • Promote cell metabolism
  • activate cells
  • speeding up the cell waste and discharge of harmful substances
  • Enhance and improve immune function
  • improve the body's resistance to disease
  • Eliminate fatigue and stress
  • promote male physical recovery
  • Effective antibacterial, improve micro-circulation, regulate private part to a healthy environment


Function lining : Far infrared quantum textile fiber 60% , anion textile fiber 40% , magneto-optical .

Sub-textile fiber 50% , ore medicine and stone acupuncture needles , bamboo coal , nanometer

Silver ion antibacterial fibre 50% .

Color: Grey / Black

Package Includes:

1 or 3 pc/pcs Underwear color & Size of choice

Product Size : L/ XL/ XXL/ XXXL

Packaging Dimension 
13cm(L) X 4cm(W) X 16cm(H)

Product Weight  : 

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