idrop Kit Cat Pur Puree Plus+

Type: Skin & Coat - Made with Tuna & Fish Oil
Sale priceRM15.00 MYR


Description :
idrop Kit Cat Pur Puree Plus+ is a sachet pack cat food of 4 sachets inside a single pack. Full of nutrients for cats to consume and live a healthy diet. Smooth blend of tuna and fish oil recipe is perfect for cats of all life stages.

Grain free, delicious and 100% natural, a good treat for cats to crave.
Type : Skin & Coat / Joint Care / Urinary Care


Type and Flavor:

  • Skin & Coat : 
    - Made with Tuna & Fish Oil
    - Made with Chicken & Fish Oil
  • Urinary Care : 
    - Made with Tuna & Cranberry
    - Made with Chicken & Cranberry
  • Joint Care : 
    - Made with Tuna & Glucosamine

Package Content : 4x 15gram sachets

Packaging Dimension 
26cm(L) X 15cm(W) X 1.5cm(H)
Product Dimension 
25cm(L) X 14cm(W) X 1cm(H)
Product Weight  : 
Packaging Weight  : 

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