idrop Home made Instant Fry Ice Cream Yogurt Fruit Roll Maker plate

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Description :

The Home made Instant Fry Ice Cream Yogurt Fruit Roll Maker plate is a non electric frozen ice cream/yogurt maker. It requires refrigerating within a fridge freezer for about 8-10 hours minimum, however, 24 hours is need for first time application of this product.

  • Non Electric
  • Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream maker

How to use:

1) Put the yogurt/ice cream maker into the refrigerator for 8-10 hours (for the first use  is 24 hours)

2) Pour the yogurt/ice cream batter onto the yogurt ice cream maker surface

3) Sprinkle with fruit pieces (Optional) and stir evenly

4) While stirring evenly and spreading evenly the ingredients, it will show signs of hardening/freezing due to the cold surface of the yogurt/ice cream maker approximately 4 minutes into the process

5) Cut and shovel out the harden/frozen yogurt/ice cream

6) Put them into dish/container

7) Homemade Ice Cream finished

Color & Pattern Design : Randomly Given pp + aluminum

Product Material : pp + aluminum

Size : 30cm X 6.5cm

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    Packaging Weight : 1.5 kg
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     2 kg

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