idrop High Capacity Multi-Hook Clipper Clothes Hanger

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Option: Hanger (Standard Clipper)
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Description :

The High Capacity Multi-hook Clothes Hanger is a circular shape hanger with clothes clippers hanging vertically downwards. It contains a large number of clippers to able hanging of many clothes. Two type of clippers are available which is standard clipper and a slightly bigger clipper for a stronger clip.

Through this, it is a space saving clothes hanger in such a small place and is easy to hang around anywhere suitable.

Features :

  • Multi-hook Clippers
  • Space Saving

  • Material
    : Stainless Steel

    Circle Diameter : 37cm (Aproximately)

    Packaging Weight : 1.5 kg (Approximately)
    Volume Metric Weight :
     1.5 kg (Approximately)

    NOTE : The heavier weight between Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight will be chosen for shipping weight

    NOTE : Be in mind that packaging weight may slightly differ, due to
    considering bubble wrap or any other packaging method to seal the
    package. Volume metric weight may be slightly higher than calculated volume metric weight to accommodate possible increase/decrease in packaging sizing.

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