idrop Electric Heating Warm Bag Pillow Body Ache Relief with Clip Charger

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Description :

An electric powered heating liquid filled pillow warm bag. It uses electricity to warm up and does not need for the use of boiling water and even microwave. Just plug it to an electric power source, and it will heat up. It has good insulation which makes it last long after heating. It helps keep body warm in cold situations and temperature. It also helps relief body ache in cold temperature.I t is powered by electricity an avoids the hassle of heating water on gas or using heaters. It is made of Soft Material. 
This electric hot water bottle provides beneficial heat for several hours, use as a warmer for hands, feet, shoulders, back aches, cramps, sore muscle and arthritis.
Quick charging, 8-12 minutes to complete the heating, keep warm for plenty of hours.


  1. Take proper precautions to clip the charger into the charging socket of the heating warm pillow.
  2. Heat for 8-12 minutes only depending on the requirement.
  3. Unplug and then use it for heating and massaging body parts or keeping inside your quilt/pillow to make it hot. 
  • Electric Powered
  • Does not need to use boiling water and microwave to heat up
  • Plug to power source to heat up
  • Suitable for usage in cold temperatures
  • Good Insulation for long lasting heating
  • Keeps Body Warm
  • Relieves body ache in cold temperature
  • Eliminate muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation
  • Simple to use and easy to carry,
  • variation colours available in random
  • Safe and reliable use
  • Electric hot water bag, soft design, soft material

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Dimension : 26cm(L) x 19cm(W)

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