idrop Creation Wood Math Operation Logarithmic Board for Children Kids [ WP9042 ]

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Description :

  • This colorful educational wooden toy math operation logarithmic board designed to foster children computing power
  • The building blocks are printed with different numbers and dots, is also corresponding to arrange in order of size.
  • Colorful plastic circle to throw that in accordance corresponds to the digital of building blocks.
  • 10 pillar according to the order from low to high installation and develop baby's senses.
  • Pillar is higher, the greater the number, the circles is more, colorful ladder combined with throwing circle movement, let the children learn knowledge in the interesting games, experience the change in unconsciously influenced.
  • Guide baby to learn mathematics, begin from the children logarithmic board toy.

Product Dimension : 41.5cm (L) x 13.3cm x 8cm
*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Colour : Brown

SKU Code  WP9042 

Packaging Weight : 1 kg
Volume Metric Weight :
  1.5 kg

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