idrop Cleaning Ball - Washing Machine Laundry Ball

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Description :

This cleaning Ball is a product that allows wash clothes without detergent or fabric softener. Very easy to use, simply insert it into your washer with clothes. It is a scientific design to wash without detergent. Contains ceramic balls and special effect of quadruple magnets ongoing. The powerful waves of energy generated by infrared rays and magnets which activate the molecules of water providing an excellent insight in the wash. At the same time emitting ions and increase the tension and surface activity of the molecules of water, which is the basic principle to remove dirt. The antimicrobial component of the Eco Ball eliminates bacteria and mold that may have been active in your washer and water to clean your clothes more efficiently and pellets containing chlorine removes residual chlorine from water and protect clothing against oxidation and discoloration due to chlorine. The fabrics of the clothes are protected and retain their elasticity. 
  • Laundry Ball
  • Insert in washing machine alongside laundry

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Packaging Dimension : 15cm(L) x 15cm(W)  x 15cm(H) [ Estimate Size ]

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

Packaging Weight : 300 gram

Volume Metric Weight : 700 gram

WARRANTY : Warranty period is within 14 days after received the item

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