idrop Latex Bamboo Pillow with Soft Memory Foam inner for Cervical Spine comfort ease health care treatment

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Description :
idrop Bamboo Pillow is an ergonomic pillow cushion design with the usage of Memory foam to ease head rest and also neck rest, which is suitable for cervical spine area and without doubt is a healthcare treatment for the cervical spine area. It is also designed in a way of ergonomic design following the shape of the cervical spine(Neck) area, giving more comfort and reducing stress among the cervical spine area. The memory foam is soft and follows the shape of the user's head/neck area which increases comfort, and shall return to it's original shape when not used.



  • Includes free washable zippered soft terry cloth pillow cover
  • Contours to your neck & head for total support and comfort
  • Memory foam moulds to your head and neck for maximum support and comfort
  • Assists with reducing snoring, stress and insomnia
  • Helps Relieving back and neck pains
  • Pillowcase which is sweat-absorbent,breathable,soft, and smooth
  • Inner Pillow Material: high quality memory foam

Inner Pillow Material :  Memory Foam
Product Dimension : 
60cm(L) X 39cm(W) X 10cm(H) / 11.5cm(H)
Packaging Dimension : 
61cm(L) X 41cm(W) X 11.5cm(H)

Product Weight  : 
Packaging Weight  : 


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