idrop Automatic Fly Trap Pest Catcher Cage

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Description :
  • The product uses physical methods to kill flies, unlike pesticides, which pollute the environment. 
  • The energy consumption is lower than the mosquito killing lamp, simple and easy to operate, convenient to use, durable and efficient, and is very novel. 
  • Products are better than mosquito killing lamps. Insect killing lamps are difficult to clean up on the grid. 
  • The attraction of food is far more than the attraction of light to insects.

How to Use:
1. Spread the bait on the 5 grooves (Please do not use hard objects as bait).
2. Connect the power and turn on the switch.
3. The fly is attracted by the bait and transferred into the box by the rotating plate.
4. Remove the fly trap box and clean.

Product Dimension :  21cm x 20cm x 8cm
*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

SKU Code :  1000010001773

Packaging Weight : 800 gram
Volume Metric Weight :
 1.5 kg

NOTE : The heavier weight between Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight will be chosen for shipping weight

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