idrop AR Virtual Reality Smartphone Bluetooth Gun AR Gun shooting game for smartphone

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idrop AR Virtual Reality Smartphone Bluetooth Gun is a Virtual Reality gaming tool/Gun for smartphone. Connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone, players can play virtual reality surrounding through the view of the smartphone screen BUT in a world of virtual reality in an open environment 360 degree everywhere.

  • With the AR-Gun APP, the real world will be integrated with the virtual game world to enhance the realistic experience, make the player via the visual to enjoy the interaction between reality and virtual.
  • With this portable AR Gun, you can play games indoors and outdoors.
  • Just pick up the AR Gun, trace and shoot the targets by moving the gun 360° or moving around to experience a truly immersive gaming experience from the reality and virtual images.

Model : AR-Gun
Type : AR gun gaming
Color : Camouflage 
Product Dimensions: 23.6cm x 40.5cm x 5cm 
Packaging Dimensions: 42cm x 5.5cm x 18cm 
Weight : 400g 

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