idrop 9L Multipurpose Microwave Oven Breakfast Machine Toaster Kitchen Appliances Cookware

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Description :
If you want to make egg tarts, bread, roast chicken or friends who often use the oven and want to make breakfast, you sure want to use this. Other feature also include could baked omelette, porridge, toaster, teppanyaki and others. 

Function: Fried, grilled, steamed, boiled.

Features: Large area glass window and strong visibility. Upper and lower quartz tube heating. Temperature uniformity and long life. Extracting baking tray. Increase the food placement area. 15 minutes time switch, easy to operate and safe. The oven part can be fried and grilled. Steamer part steamed buns, lunch box, hot milk, boiled eggs, boiled corn, peanuts , porridge and other functions, with grilled and steamed four-in-one function. Unique steam induction control switch with waterless automatic power off and large fuse two protection functions.

Power : 1350 W 

Rated Voltage : 220 V 

Frequency : 50 Hz 

Power Saving Rate : 40% - 60%

 : ABS Plastic, PP Material with Aluminium

Color : -

Product Dimension : 56 cm x 25 cm x 24 cm

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

SKU Code : 6081000100010

Product Weight : 1.0 kg

Packaging Weight : 2.5 kg

Volumetric Weight : 6.7 kg

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