idrop 500g Peach Gum Peach Resin Jelly / (500克)AAA 天然桃胶

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Peach gum is peach secretion of resin, color is pale yellow, transparent. Peach resin is a common Chinese medicinal materials, relieve stress and anti-wrinkle skin effect also has nourish the face moist pulmonary effects.

The main composition of peach resin is collagen, galactose, amino acids, etc. Especially peach resin contains the rich collagen, If you want to become water embellish skin elastic, complexion is ruddy luster, Then peach resin is indispensable. Eat peach gum in dry season, the effect will be very obvious.

Preparation method: First soaked with water 12 hours, until the peach resin become soft, knead up no hard lumps. Removal of impurities and black part and change the clean water spare to stew or cook with the other ingredients. Peach gum recipe: Peach Gum Nourishing Beauty Drink. Peach Gum and Papaya Nourishing Beauty Tonic. Peach Gum and Pear Nourishing Beauty Tonic. Nourishing peach gum dessert with red dates, longans and white fungus.

Edible method: Put it into a slow cooker with hot water (not boiling water) with other ingredients like dried lilies (百合), white fungus (雪耳), red dates (紅棗), Longan (桂圓肉), lianzi (蓮子).Stew for one hour. Caution: Pregnant woman and menstrual period women. should avoid using this product. Pearl Level Peach Resin / Peach Gum AAA Pearl Grade

  • Peach Gum
  • Edible Gummy Jelly
  • Suited for herbal uses
  • 500 gram

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