idrop 500g Dried Snow Lotus Seed | (500克)雪莲子/ 皂角米

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Description :

Snow lotus seeds are commonly known as saponified rice and saponified kernels. They are precious and pure natural green nourishing foods that harmonize the functions of human organs. Snow Lotus Seed is viscous, bright in color and delicious in taste. It also contains collagen, protein, algal cutin, and amino acids.

【Efficacy】slimming and weight loss, nourishing yin and beauty, clearing heat and relieving heat, nourishing the heart and improving the pulse, clearing the liver and eyesight, removing acne, moisturizing and facilitating urine, refreshing and invigorating, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, improving immunity, relieving menstrual pain, etc... Regular consumption of snow lotus seeds can also improve skin pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays and delay skin aging.

【Direction】Soak in water inside the fridge for 5 hours. It will expand.
Once expanded, you may use it as an ingredient to brew red dates longan white fungus dessert or birds nest soup.






  • Snow Lotus Seed
  • Edible food
  • Suited for herbal & Medicinal uses
  • 500 gram

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