idrop 4PCS Nano Particle Decontamination Detergent Laundry Ball

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Description :

A set o 4pcs decontamination detergent laundry ball. Has an exterior of soft silicone cushioning, and an inner plastic ball with a ventilation hole to seep out detergent when in washing. Inside the ball consist of nano particle decontamination cleaning agent. Help deodorize and sterilize laundry clothing during washing. Use by inserting the laundry balls with the clothing laundry inside the washing machine barrel. It can be used many time. reusable until the nano particles inside is used until exhaustion estimation about 300 times.

Uses: can be used for cotton, linen, synthetic fiber and other clothing

Features :

                1. Sterilization, dechlorination and suppleness

                2. It can be used repeatedly (about 300 times)

                3. Liquid detergent-free washing powder

                4. Machine wash and anti-entanglement

                5. Auxiliary scrubbing function

     The laundry ball is made of physical high-efficiency decontamination factors, surfactants, and high-efficiency active biological enzymes as the main materials. After scientific proportioning, it can increase the internal microporous structure while maintaining the decontamination effect, thereby improving the absorption and purification in the water. , Anti-bacterial function.


    Just put the laundry ball and clothes into the washing machine together. For laundry functions with a short laundry time, such as quick washing, this product may not be effective. Please dry after dehydration. This product can be used for about one year or 300 times. It will be more effective to soak and wash clothes that are difficult to eliminate. It can be used together with laundry detergents and softeners. When using this product, it is not necessary to put detergent and softener (to achieve washing without any chemical substances) , and can be used in automated, drum-type, and two-tank washing machines.

  • 4PCS
  • Decontamination
  • Sterilize
  • Deodorize
  • Reusable estimate 300 times
  • PC+TPR+ polymer particles

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Dimension : 7cm
Packaging Estimate : 14cm x 14cm x 7cm ESTIMATION

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

    Packaging Weight : 500 gram [ Estimation ]

    Volume Metric Weight : 450 gram

    NOTE : Packaging Weight is a rough estimated packaging weight include wrapping and boxing. Each product wrapping may vary in weight. Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight may be heavier than actual product weight in order to accommodate delivery requirements.

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