idrop High Quality Knowledge Brain Development Classification Box Match Education Set Toys for Kids Children

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Description :

  • Good quality and very cute toy and it is easy and fun to play with
  • Non-toxic material so it's safe for kids
  • Perfect gifts for kids and suitable to be played for children age 3 years old and above
  • Easy storage too, simply open the box & keep all the bars in the box, then cover.
  • This game can help to improve children's cognitive ability, train their observation ability and improve imagination
  • Encourages motor skills, hand-eye coordination during play. Children learn to match the pictures, as well as recognizes each individual picture, and also colors on each picture.
  • A box with 10 different slots and 8 types of themes; shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, transportation, clothing and groceries.
  • Each theme has a separate bar of 10 pictures. To play, simply slot into either one of the 10 different holes for each picture that matches the picture on the bar. The bars are interchangeable, based on the themes.
  • Also comes with 1 classification box, 80 small cards and 8 big cards. 

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