idrop Elevated Steel Double Feeder For Pet Cat & Dog / Tempat Makan Haiwan Peliharaan Kucing & Anjing Dua Dalam Satu / 高架钢制双喂食器,适用于宠物猫狗

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Style: A - 37*17*15cm
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Description :

Elevated Stainless Steel Double Feeder 

Extra Purchase (Add-On) for Custom Name
1. Maximum 6 letters
2. Please add purchase for Gold or Pink
3. PM us furkid's name after purchase
4. 7 extra working days for custom

Is your furkid using the right bowl 
In fact, different bowls have different quality, using the wrong bowl will cause bacterial infections
And is your bowl suitable for the height of your furkid
Many dog bowls are placed on the ground, this will affect the amount of water the dog drinks, and there are long-term diseases 
Plastic bowls are cheap and resistant to falling, but they are prone to scratches, allowing bacteria to grow
There are chemicals in plastic bowls, and some dogs’ noses start to fade
The ceramic bowl is beautiful and can be named, but it can easily lead to poisoning
Because the ceramic bowl is very heavy, a small crack is enough to allow the lead to dip into the bowl

Benefit of furkid using elevated bowls

  • Drink more water 
  • Easy to digest 
  • Prevent spine issue and Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV) 
  • Reduce gastrointestinal problems 
  • More relaxed and happy eating 

    Recommend stainless steel elevated bowl 
  • Stainless steel is durable
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Hard to bite
  • 6 heights variation, close to needs of furkid

    Furkids need good bowls to better absorb nutrients and keep their bodies healthy. They bring us countless joys, don’t ignore the small details of care. Buy an elevated bowl rack today, stock is limited 😉

    A - 37*17*15cm
    ✅ Suitable for all Cats, Pomeranian, Poodle, ShiTzu, or dog weighing 1-5kg

    B - 42 x 19 x 17cm
    ✅ Corgi, Poodle, Maltese, or any dog weighing 5-11kg

    C - 46 x 21 x 19cm
    ✅ Shiba-Inu, Spitz, Mongrel, or any dog weighing 9-16kg

    D - 50 x 23 x 21cm
    ✅ Chow Chow, Husky, Mongrel, or any dog weighing 13-25kg

    E - 55 x 25 x 23cm
    ✅ Husky, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Mongrel, or any dog weighing 22-45kg

    F - 55 x 25 x 30cm
    ✅ Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retriever, Doberman, or any dog weighing 27-49kg

    👉 Measure the height of the dog’s forefoot to the belly (see the picture). If the dog’s height is 21cm, you can choose a 2-3cm bowl rack, which is 19cm, which is C type


* Canopy Cot NOT INCLUDED with K&H Bolster Elevated Bed.

* Canopy Cot available for purchase separately

Washing Instructions :

  1. For everyday cleaning, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  2. For periodic cleaning, remove the cover and machine wash it on the gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry only.


After assembling the Pet Cot, try placing some heavier items on it, but do not exceed the weight limit of 200 lbs. This will even out the Pet Cot and all 4 legs will rest on the floor or ground nicely.

  • ✅ Helps pets stay cool with its mesh center
  • ✅ Added bolster surrounds your pet in plush comfort
  • ✅ Simple, tool-free assembly
  • ✅ Non-skid rubber feet
  • ✅ Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • ✅ 200 lb. weight capacity

SKU Code :

  • A - 37*17*15cm
  • B - 42 x 19 x 17cm
  • C - 46 x 21 x 19cm
  • D - 50 x 23 x 21cm
  • E - 55 x 25 x 23cm
  • F - 55 x 25 x 30cm
  • Gold (Add-on-only)
  • Pink (Add-on-only)

L = Pet Supplies > Pet Accessories > Beds, Mats & Houses > Beds
S = Groceries & Pets > Pet Supplies > Pet Home & Travel

Dimension : 

  • A - 37*17*15cm
  • B - 42 x 19 x 17cm
  • C - 46 x 21 x 19cm
  • D - 50 x 23 x 21cm
  • E - 55 x 25 x 23cm
  • F - 55 x 25 x 30cm

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements and manufacturing +/- possible error few millimeters

Packaging Weight : -

Volume Metric Weight :  Estimation

  • A - 2.4 kg
  • B - 3.3 kg
  • C - 4.4 kg
  • D - 5.7 kg
  • E - 7.3 kg
  • F - 9.4 kg

NOTE : Packaging Weight is a rough estimated packaging weight include wrapping and boxing. Each product wrapping may vary in weight. Packaging Weight or Volume Metric Weight may be heavier than actual product weight in order to accommodate delivery requirements.

WARRANTY : Warranty period is within 14 days after received the item

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